Who is Black Dog Communications?

Black Dog Communications are an independent telecommunications consulting firm specializing in the implementation, support, and management of telecommunications ventures, especially in challenging environments. If you have any questions, would like to register your interest in working with us (as a client or consultant), or require more information please get in touch and we will get straight back to you!

Black Dog Group companies have offices in the UK and the USA, in order to be close to clients and their customers. Black Dog is a truly international company with the assets, personnel, and experience to extend clients’ reach across the world to where they need to access distant markets and customers. Local offices help develop close relationships leading to a better understanding of needs and close communication during service delivery.

BDC Services

Black Dog can field experienced technicians to install your equipment into static installations, vehicles, water craft, or air frames.
Black Dog can deliver your Maintenance Training courses or create a bespoke Intermediate or Advanced syllabus tailored for your customers’ ability level.
Global Reach
We go where you want to be. Black Dog extends your Product and Service Delivery out to where your customers are and where they need you to be supporting them.
Black Dog has extensive experience teaching technical material to customers with varying levels of ability either directly or via a translator.
Logistics/ Processes
Black Dog can design and implement Logistical and Business processes from scratch or analyze your company to create and coordinate a Technical Strategy that is in-line with your Business Strategy.

Who We Serve

Our experienced, high-caliber consultants allow us to meet our clients’ rigorous demands for quality and overall excellence in a timely manner and at an affordable cost. So if you are searching for someone to help you with a particular communications issue, we can help.

The Defense Sector
Black Dog consultants can provide theatre, mission, and technology-specific expertise to help expedite and maintain operational effectiveness. Whilst our services are focused on supporting the troops on the ground, we can provide pre-deployment support too.
Commercial Projects
Whether you just want a professional team to ensure that your projects run successfully in a traditional business environment or whether you need to extend your services to an area where you lack expertise and/or experience, Black Dog can help.
Subject Matter Experts
Specialist Engineers from the Black Dog stable can provide expertise to supplement your projects and operations in a wide variety of areas from Product Design and Integration to Special Forces Communications, and many more.

We are looking forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world