Mission Statement

The Black Dog mission is to provide clients with expert managed telecommunications services, for all situations and locations, from design and planning through successful implementation and maintenance. This is achieved by using a highly skilled and motivated management team and engineers using professional skills and practical experience previously developed in similar environments.

Why ``Black Dog``?

We often get asked why Black Dog was chosen as a company name. It’s a logo that generates inquiry, here is the story that explains its genesis.

Sid was my Labrador and this silhouette was taken from a photograph of him while he was standing sentry watching while my kids were swimming in the sea.

Sid and his particular breed seemed to sum up the qualities I admired in my experiences with companies.

Labrador : A working dog breed most typically with a black or yellow coat, widely used as a gun dog or as a helping guide. Known for its loyalty, hard work and stamina

Sid and his particular breed seemed to sum up the qualities I admired in my experiences with companies, such as;

  • Loyal – A long term partner
  • Hard Working – Focused – seeing the job through
  • Personal – Easy to work and communicate with
  • Pedigree – Assured quality with experience and history
  • WYSIWYG – Honest – what you see is what you get

Why not build a company ethos around those principles?

Black Dog Icon
International Technology Management

What are BDC’s areas of expertise?

Extending pre and post-sale technical services to customers located worldwide is tough. When those environments are dangerous or non-permissive ensuring that quality of service and culture is also delivered can be a challenge. Black Dog Communications has a global reach. It specializes in placing benchmarked technical consultants who are often required to work alone, unseen, with the product user to ensure that your success, and future sales, are not left to chance.

Worked in telecommunications and technology for over 30 years Chartered Engineer (IET)
Lived and worked in countries from the USA to Africa, Europe, and the Far East
Management positions in the military and commercial companies. MBA in Technology Management Chartered Manager (CMI)

What BDC does

Field Service Support
Operations / Maintenance Training & Support
Project & Program Management
Business Development, Demonstrations & Presentations
Logistics & Life Support Solutions
Simon Lambert

Simon Lambert

  • Chartered Manager
  • Chartered Engineer
  • MBA in Engineering Management
  • 30 years telecoms experience
  • UKSF Engineering Manager
  • 7 years small business owner in US & UK

Founder of Defense Industries Network

Defense Industries Network connects regional defense industry company ecosystems to accelerate contract flow and enable strategic growth in Upstate New York.

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Our Clients

With our proven experience Black Dog can provide a service to you from the design phase, right through to programme delivery and lifetime technical support.

We have worked with a range of customers, for example:

  • UK Ministry of Defence
  • The British Army
  • UK Special Forces
  • The US Army
  • Numerous Large, Global Telecommunications and Defense Companies based in the US, UK and Europe
  • Lancaster University
  • Systems Integrators and Service Providers in the US, Middle East and Asia

The Black Dog value-added proposition is the knowledge and experience of operating in these environments that we can apply to Client projects. The high degree of professionalism coupled with a ‘hands-on’ approach throughout the life cycle of the project by the Black Dog management team assures our Clients that their values and standards will be extended to wherever their customers need it.