Delivering Quality Technical Services

Technology Services

Black Dog Communications (BDC) provides managed technical services which in turn are designed to be technical and program multipliers for client companies. BDC specializes in delivering services, especially telecommunications projects, in non-permissive environments.


Black Dog can field experienced technicians to install your equipment into static installations, vehicles, watercraft, or airframes. We cater for small technical projects for trials and demonstrations or installations at scale for large programs at your customer site. Black Dog is also capable of integrating your product into an existing system or unusual platform.


Black Dog can deliver your Maintenance Training courses or create a bespoke Intermediate or Advanced syllabus tailored for your customers’ ability level. Black Dog can also teach generic workshop practices including logistic and inventory procedures and processes through to designing the workshop building layout and equipment to provide an end-to-end maintenance solution.

Global Reach

We go where you want to be. Black Dog extends your Product and Service Delivery out to where your customers are and where they need you to be supporting them. Leverage our experience working remotely which might be outside your comfort zone, experience, or need for fast response either autonomously or in conjunction with your team members.


Black Dog has extensive experience teaching technical material to customers with varying levels of ability either directly or via a translator. Courses have been delivered across the world from Africa to the Middle East, Far East, and South America. With such diversity it is important that trainers are culturally sensitive and aware of local customs; Black Dog will field a mature and experienced trainer that will adapt to the local conditions and environment.

Logistics / Business Processes

Black Dog can design and implement Logistical and Business processes from scratch or analyze your company to create and coordinate a Technical Strategy that is in line with your Business Strategy. As businesses grow, especially from Small to Medium Enterprises and beyond, processes need regular review. The strategic policy must be integrated with tactical actions. Have you reviewed your strategy recently? Is that because you don’t have time? Black Dog can and will give you a fresh perspective.

We are looking forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world