International Technology Management

Who We Serve

While we can provide IT and Telecommunications consultants and/or expert advice to solve your issues anywhere in the world we specialize in assignments in challenging and/or hostile environments.

Whatever task we undertake you can be sure that there is an experienced management team supporting our consultants and ensuring that your requirements and standards are being met at the point of delivery.

This emphasis on quality is a mark of the Black Dog business ethos and is applicable to both Commercial and Military projects. We feel that our success and experience gained in producing results in critical, high-pressure situations and environments is due to thoroughly professional attention to the task at hand through to completion and post-project review.

The Black Dog management team and consultants have gained many years of experience worldwide including in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Colombia, South Africa, Kuwait, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, United States, Europe, Africa, and the Far East.

International Technology Management
The Defense Sector
Black Dog consultants can provide theatre, mission, and technology-specific expertise to help expedite and maintain operational effectiveness. Whilst our services are focused on supporting the troops on the ground, we can provide pre-deployment support too.
Commercial Projects
Whether you just want a professional team to ensure that your projects run successfully in a traditional business environment or whether you need to extend your services to an area where you lack expertise and/or experience, Black Dog can help.
Subject Matter Experts
Specialist Engineers from the Black Dog stable can provide expertise to supplement your projects and operations in a wide variety of areas from Product Design and Integration to Special Forces Communications, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services can Black Dog provide?
Black Dog has a Consultant base that is broadly specialized in delivering communications projects and objectives. However, this does not limit our capabilities to communications projects. Our service differentiator and particular skills in working in difficult environments mean that we have the means to help, advise and support Clients who lack the relevant experience when branching into a new and/or troubled arena.

Black Dog can provide individual consultants or teams providing services that include, but are not limited to:

- Design and integration services
- Project Management
- Logistical support and co-ordination
- Communications engineering support
- Provision and maintenance of in-country communications infrastructure
- Non-communications engineering support
- Technical or environmental advice and support

How can Black Dog help me?
Have a mission-critical technical project for your company? We can help.

Need to overcome a communications problem? We can help.

'But I need to design something that will fix this issue I have.' We can help.

'I have these components producing all these outputs that would be great if they worked together.' We can help.

'I have a customer who wants my product, but he is in another country. How am I going to provide after-sales support?' We can help.

'I want to sell my products and services abroad, but I have no experience.' We can help.

'I want to sell to the military but have no experience working with that type of customer.' We can help.

'I am a military customer that needs specific communications assistance from someone who knows how we work and understands my philosophy and priorities.' We can help.

What added value can Black Dog give to my company/project/contract?
Black Dog only retains the services of consultants with a high degree of professionalism and relevant experience. We mainly recruit former military personnel and our main core of Consultants are ex-Special Forces. This approach will not limit the type of consultant we use; however, we do look for any potential Consultants to demonstrate resourcefulness and level of experience that parallels the Black Dog ethos of service delivery.

Black Dog will provide you with experienced and highly motivated individuals that will enable you to extend your operational effectiveness or service delivery beyond your current capabilities.

We are looking forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world