Black Dog Business Culture

Black Dog aims to conduct business around a philosophy that encompasses an ethos of quality that underpins every aspect of our operations. This philosophy is set out in the following policies which are broadly benchmarked to leading defense contractor companies.

  1. Core Values – Describes the values that constitute the Black Dog culture
  2. Code of Conduct – The code by which the Company and its individuals conduct themselves
  3. Anti-Corruption Policy – Our attitude to the actual and perceived threat of corruptive practices
  4. Responsible Trading Principles – The standards that we commit to while working with clients and consultants
  5. Drug & Alcohol Policy  – The lawful, ethical, safe working practices and attitudes surrounding substance use and operating in high profile/risk areas
  6. Background Check Policy – The BDC policy on employee checks, their use, and standards

Core Values

The values around which Black Dog was originally conceived to operate are simple and aimed at influencing corporate and individual behavior. To find out more watch our video.

A trusted long-term partner. We deliver on our commitments to clients and consultants. We must be honest and take responsibility so that we can be relied upon. In our organization, everyone’s contribution matters.
Hard Working
Focused to see the achievement of the clients’ aims and objectives through to a successful resolution. We constructively challenge and take the initiative, operating with tenacity and resolve. We accept challenges and manage risk and set ourselves stretching goals.
Easy to work and communicate with. We deliver leading-edge services and solutions by valuing the imagination and experience within our organization and empowering teams and individuals to work together across the company and with the client and customer for the benefit of our organization and the goals of our clients.
Honest and plain speaking; ‘what you see is what you get. In all our written and verbal communication it makes sense that consultants, clients, their customers, and other stakeholders understand exactly what we mean and what expectations are set.
Assured quality with experience and history. We commit to a level of quality in product and personnel which sustains the expectation we set in our client’s view of Black Dog services.

Code of Conduct

The Company: commits that its leaders, managers and supervisors will:

  • Act with integrity, serving as role models for the high standards of conduct expected throughout the Company
  • Promote ethical conduct, both within the Company and in the countries in which we operate
  • Provide training and other resources so that employees are equipped to deal with ethical issues
  • Make sure this Code is provided to, explained to, and understood by employees they manage and supervise
  • Foster an open work environment in which employees are encouraged to raise questions or concerns without fear of retaliation or retribution
  • Take action to address concerns of ethical misconduct

As Individuals: collectively as teams and as a Company, Black Dog personnel will always:

  • Foster a culture of ethical behavior
  • Take personal responsibility for implementing the standards in this Code and comply with all Company policies and processes
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations and contract requirements as a minimum. In the many instances where we set our own higher standards, we will apply these first
  • Respect the human rights of our employees in the workplace and the communities in which we operate
  • Seek guidance where we are unsure of the appropriate course of action

Anti-Corruption Policy

Black Dog Group of companies, employees, and consultants will not offer, give or receive bribes or inducements for any purpose whether directly or through a third party.

Even the suggestion of corruption may damage the reputation of the Company and/or the client and affect their ability to do business. It may also bring the personal integrity of individuals into question. Employees, advisers, consultants or anyone else who may be acting on the Company’s behalf will not offer, give or receive bribes or corrupt payments. A bribe includes any payment, benefit or gift offered, given or received with the purpose of improperly influencing a decision or outcome. We will not offer, give or receive any payment, benefit or gift which is intended or may be construed as a bribe.

Responsible Trading Principles

Our ‘Responsible Trading Principles’ are designed to help make informed decisions about the business opportunities BDC pursues and help employees apply these values in their decision-making.

1. The Company understands and supports our customers’ national security considerations and other requirements especially the transfer of technical information and data.

Earning the trust of our customers is critical to the success of our business. They must trust us to understand their particular circumstances and respond to their requirements including how we can best meet their need to control and deliver restricted ITAR services, information and data.



2. The Company and Individuals work to Black Dog Core Values in all that we do.

Together with our Code of Conduct, our Values guide employees in their business decisions:

  • Loyal – A trusted long-term partner.
  • Hard Working – Focused to see the achievement of the clients’ aims and objectives.
  • Personable – Easy to work and communicate with.
  • WYSIWYG – Honest and plain speaking; ‘what you see is what you get’.
  • Pedigree – Assured quality with experience and history


3. We assess our services with the objective that neither BDC nor our customers are exposed to significant reputational risk.

The Code of Conduct together with our Anti-Corruption Policy sets out how we manage potential reputational risks associated with the delivery of services and the association and relationships with other agencies, companies, NGO’s and government departments that would reflect on Black Dog, our Client’s and their customers.


4. The Company is as open as practicable about the nature of our business.

Being transparent about what we do and how we do it helps us build trust among our stakeholders. We aim to communicate openly and transparently with stakeholders on our business activities within the limits of the confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with our customers.

Download the Black Dog Business Principles & Values to find out more